Published 10th February 2016

Burgundy en primeur

In November 2015, Davy’s Chairman, James Davy, and Operations Director, Andrew Chudley, travelled to Burgundy  to review the 2014 vintage.  Read on for James Davy’s report on how they got on…


In November, we headed off on a whirlwind  tour and tasting of some of our favourite producers in Burgundy’s famous Cote D’Or, looking at the 2014 vintage in particular.   It’s always a little confusing in Burgundy as the 2015 vintage had recently been gathered in, yet there we were looking at wines from 2014 and trying to discuss the previous year’s weather and growing patterns, whilst unavoidably discussing this year’s.  Lost yet?

2014 produced some lovely, open reds and some really good whites too. To taste, the wines appeared rounder than 2013’s with less pronounced acidity, although analysis shows the levels to be similar.  The balance in 2014 is better for rounder style wines, for drinking earlier.  Charming reds without great levels of complexity to be longer keepers. These reds are not poor wines. They will be really tasty and enjoyable, just don’t leave them at the back of the cellar. The story in white also points to earlier drinking but really delicious with some saline characteristics, making them very moreish and fresh.

Click here to read the full report, including reviews of nine producers.