Published 23rd February 2016

Fine NZ wine

A unique combination of soils, climate, water and innovative winemaking techniques have all contributed to the great wines that have come out of New Zealand over the past few decades and certainly explains our love affair with this land down under.

However, of the many wines that we have tasted from New Zealand, it is those from two wineries, Mount Brown and Little Beauty, which have excited us the most.

We are proud to be the exclusive shippers for the family-owned Mount Brown which is based in Waipara (founders Katherine Keith and her father Tony Rutherford, pictured below).  We have heard Waipara described as “one of the unsung heroes of the wine industry” but it is the outstanding wines from wineries such as Mount Brown that are now putting it on the map.  Look out for the Pinot Noir and Riesling, in particular.


Katherine Keith and her father from Mount Brown


Little Beauty is situated in New Zealand’s Marlborough heartland and they are little beauties in terms of quality as well as quantity – these wines are only ever made in limited quantities so grab them while you can…

…and now is the time.  Mount Brown and Little Beauty wines will be available at special prices throughout March and April in our wine bars wine shops and online.



The Mount Brown Sauvignon Blanc is a superb wine, rounded yet fresh with an elegant and refined finish.  Compare and contrast with Little Beauty – a classic example from Marlborough.



As much as we love it, New Zealand is about so much more than Sauvignon Blanc.  We recommend you try the Mount Brown Riesling or Little Beauty Gewurtraminer with the seafood linguine, available in our wine bars.  Both of these aromatic grape varieties work well with the chilli notes in this dish and make an exciting match.

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