Independence Day

Lots of our wine bars will be marking American Independence Day on Tuesday 4th July with one-off specials inspired by our friends stateside.

For breakfast, try delicious buttermilk pancakes topped with either bacon or bananas and maple syrup and blueberries.

Available: Canary Wharf, Plantation Place, Woolgate, Factory House, Crusting Pipe



It’s classic American comfort food for lunch and dinner.  We will be serving up our famous steak burger, “beefed up” with cheese, bacon, our full-flavoured BBQ sauce, fries and a bottle of Sierra Nevada or Goose Island Pale Ale.

At only £15, it’s not to be missed!

Available: Canary Wharf, Plantation Place, St. James’s, Woolgate, Bangers, Bottlescrue, Bunghole Cellars, Champagne Charlies, City Boot, Davy’s Wine Vaults, Factory House, Mug House, Truckles