Published 23rd November 2018

A selection of wines from Maison Sichel

Since 1883 the Sichel family have been dedicated to both making and sourcing quality wines to offer to the UK. Since
1870, the Davy family have been seeking out quality wines to ship to the UK to offer our customers – and therein lies the story of our enduring relationship as family wine businesses.

We are delighted to recommend a selection of wines from Maison Sichel for your enjoyment this winter. From South West France and Sichel’s heartland in Bordeaux, S they offer outstanding quality and value.

Try our recommended selection of Sichel wines in your local Wine Bar or order online.

Château Argadens Blanc 2017, Bordeaux 12.5%
Davy’s Claret, Bordeaux 13.5%
Château Argadens Rouge 2015, Bordeaux 13.5%
Château Trillol 2014, Cobieres 13.5%
Sichel Margaux ‘declassified’ 2015, Bordeaux 13%