Victorian Specials

Throughout the year, we are offering you the chance to experience the kinds of foods Londoners were eating 150 years ago. Head to your local Davy’s Wine Bar from Wednesday to Friday every week to enjoy our monthly Victorian specials.

Find out more about this month’s specials below.


STARTER – Potted beef and bone marrow toast

According to her former cook, Charles Francatelli, marrow toast was a favourite of Queen Victoria. The recipe “marrow toast a la Victoria” was included in Charles Francatelli’s cook book from 1861, where the much-loved marrow mix was spread onto crisp toast and often enjoyed at dinnertime.

Main – Smoked Haddock kedgeree with soft boiled heritage egg

Kedgeree become popular amongst the Victorians from 1858, when the Indian dish was enjoyed most for breakfast. Queen Victoria loved curry which was influenced by her relationship with Abdul Karim, as seen in the 2017 award-winning movie ‘Victoria & Abdul’. The Queen only ever had curry for lunch and, in fact, during the last decade of her life, she enjoyed a curry every day.

Dessert – Baked granny smith apple and custard

The Granny Smith apple we enjoy today originated from Maria Ann Sherwood, also known as ‘Granny Smith’, who died in 1870. A wholesaler at the Sydney markets gave Maria a box of French apples which she used in her pies. After using the apples, Maria used the seeds and peels to grow her own tree, which was later developed into the Granny Smith seedling.