Pass the Port!

Where is the global centre for the drinking of Vintage Port? According to Julian Wiseman, author of a book described as “the definite reference book on old vintage Port”, it isn’t in Portugal, as you may presume, as the Portuguese mostly drink tawny and export vintage.  Instead, he says there is fair case that it is actually  our very own Boot & Flogger. Before that, The Bunghole Cellars in Holborn, and earlier still The Crusting Pipe in Covent Garden.

Tasted blind at the Boot & Flogger, 1st August 2017 

That book, Port Vintages has just been released and is the go-to reference point for old vintage Port. Painstakingly researched to record and define all historical vintages for the key brands, George Sandeman, of the eponymous house, says that “every book that comes after will rely on it.” Alongside the factual information, Wiseman tells interesting stories about the buying and selling of Vintage Port over the past two and a half centuries.

While most of the source material for the book has come from the archives of auction houses, livery companies, wine societies and merchants, we are pleased to have played a part with Wiseman revealing that “some information comes from bottles opened and reviewed with fellow enthusiasts over the years in Davy’s wine bars.”

Port Vintages is for sale by pre-order at and the eagle-eyed will notice that the promotional video was shot in the The Boot & Flogger.